Charles M. – Phoenix, AZ

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I came to The River Source because of a dependence on drugs and alcohol that had led to a miserable life. I chose The River Source because they had a very informative web-site and it was recommended by a family friend. My experience here was great, this treatment center is unlike any other I have been to. The River Source helped me because of their devotion to the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is also very helpful to have a staff that are in the program because they know what is was like to be in the throes of this disease and to be able to see how healthy they are today in this program is very inspiring. My life today is great. I have a better connection with my Higher Power, myself, my family, and my friends. I would highly recommend The River Source to anyone looking for a positive, healthy change in their life. Thank you River Source for a great, life changing experience!