Charley O. – Jan 2012

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I was in need of a treatment program so I called Alcoholics Anonymous. AA recommended two different programs in the Phoenix Metro area including The River Source. The River Source staff member I called described the program and I was impressed so I reserved a spot. I feel fortunate to have found this 12-step holistic treatment center. Their program is modeled after one of the most successful recover programs in existence. After 60 days in this program, I feel extremely health in mind, body, and spirit. The staff is professional, consistent, fair, reasonable, and experienced. The medical staff makes the clients as comfortable as possible in detox and follow-up nutritional protocols geared specifically to each client. The aftercare program makes me as comfortable in sobriety as I could imagine. I would highly recommend The River Source for anyone with a drug and/or alcohol problem or addiction. I thank God I found and availed myself of The River Source!

Sincerely, Charley O. (a grateful alcoholic/addict)

January 6th, 2012