Cheryl – Phoenix, AZ

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Our son was addicted to prescription pain pills for years. As a parent, we felt powerless watching his life disintegrate.

He finally reached out for help and thus began our search for a treatment facility for him. Knowing how vital it was to select one, which would be effective and this realistically could be a one-time shot; we found The River Source’s website. We liked what we read about the holistic approach. In particular, the use of vitamin and amino acids infused back into the addict’s ravaged body, as well as the 12 step program, counseling and mentoring. I cannot accurately describe the joy we felt as we watched his transformation over the next 30 days. He began to look stronger and healthier. His demeanor changed as he started to become more of his old self. He gained confidence and the twinkle was once again in his eyes.

He said to us on the night he reached out, “If I could do it on my own, I would. I just don’t know what to do.” Now he does, thanks to The River Source and their wonderful staff and programs.