Cheyenne L. – May 2013

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What brought me to The River Source was my mom, I thought I could be here for her and I was pissed, but I came to realize that I need to be here for me. My mom chose The River Source because it’s a structured place and it’s a spiritual place and she said the staff and people here are really cool. The program is really structured and keeps on top of things. My experience here at The River Source is really amazing it’s so different to experience a new way of life and how to handle it and realize that you can come close to yourself and recovery. The River Source helped me become who I am today and how to be myself and not worry about anyone else and how to deal with my problems in many situations and how to express my emotions. My life now is so amazing and I feel free to be myself and not care what people think about me and the way to handle myself and I can actually smile and be happy for once. I have never been this happy in a long time. It’s good to know that my family gets me back and realize that I’m not a bad person getting better, I’m a sick person getting well. I would very much so recommend The River Source because it’s an amazing place here and it really brings families back together. For anyone who comes in it’s a miracle to have this place.


Cheyenne L.