Chris R. – March 2013

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I came to The River Source as a broken man trapped in heroin addiction. Every aspect in my life was a complete mess. I was a liar, thief, and a menace to society. I had no relationship with God, and my family kept their distance from me. Just when I thought my life couldn’t get any worse, my friend Gail came to talk with my mom and I. He told us he was four months clean and lived a new positive way of life. I wanted what he had so He recommended The River Source. I took a leave of absence from work and came to Casa Grande the next day. That was 60 days ago. I feel I have experienced a complete psychic change since I have been here. I learned how to help others, I pray to my higher power and I communicate openly. I also learned how to stay out of self and not keep secrets. I used to isolate but today I surround myself with other healthy people. I learned to not only lean on my Peers but to allow them to lean on me. I’ve learned to live in God’s will and not mine. If I take my will back I am welcoming drugs and destruction back into my life. I do not want to live that way anymore. I’m glad to say that I want to be clean and sober. My life is truly filled with beauty and glory. I hold my head up high when I carry myself throughout the day. My family is proud of me. I am not ashamed to talk with my family anymore. God lives in my heart and I feel warm again. I would absolutely recommend The River Source for anyone who feels broken. Lost or hopeless because of addiction. I cannot express how grateful I am for The River Source and its staff. That place is a miracle in itself along with the clients that work the program honestly and thoroughly. Thanks for helping me to understand that I have a terminal disease and how to fight the disease with the 12 steps. My life depends on my sobriety. Thank you

– Chris R