Christina T. – May 2011

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The process has begun and I owe that to The River Source. I came to River Source because I was hurting myself and my family, I couldn’t stop drinking and I couldn’t stop taking pills on my own. I had 25 years sober and was drowning in self knowledge; trying desperately to take hold of sobriety with the toolset I was given that no longer worked. After several attempts at detoxing, going to meetings, trying an outpatient program, etc, I asked for help after drinking around the clock on a visit to Arizona. My youngest daughter researched treatment centers in AZ “thoroughly” and felt the “RS” was the right place for me. Though skeptical at first, I agreed, and with the “desperation of a drowning man” I took hold of everything “RS” had offered. Walking through the door and accepting help was the 1st surrender. Rusty asked me if I was willing to have a new experience and that was the beginning of a brand new life for me. “God gives you exactly what you need” and I am grateful his wisdom and grace brought me here. Surrounded by an incredible group of angels, (staff, counselor, and management) I learned that I was not alone, that with God’s help and the support of others in recovery, I can use the toolset out of the 12-steps and live a happy, joyous and free life once again. Life is pretty great and I am thankful to River Source. I would highly recommend the program to anyone who is still suffering from addiction as a gateway to a better life in recovery.

Thanks and God bless!

-Christina T.