Christine J. – Scottsdale, AZ

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I had reached my bottom, I could no longer work, socialize, sleep, smile, laugh, or see any way out. When I tried to stop drinking I would shake and be sick, my heart would race and I was filled with anxiety. Only a drink could bring me peace and courage. I would drink till I fell asleep and start the cycle again. I could no longer see a tomorrow free of the chains.

I chose The River Source because of the holistic approach, treating my mind, body and spirit. Because, of the proven 12 step approach, counseling, a life coach and ongoing support. It was enlightening, educational, structured and holistic. I was detoxed, given lab tests, vitamins and balanced meals. I learned yoga, exercised and worked my plan for sober living.

I leave The River Source with hope. I understand my disease and I have the tools and resources to keep my disease “my cancer” in remission. I leave with a spiritual awakening, and that I am not alone.

For anyone who has reached their bottom, lost control of their lives and hope for their future….. I recommend The River Source. It is a grounded program administered, taught, facilitated, and delivered by recovering addicts. There is empathy, compassion, love and for me tangible results.

I leave with the tools to begin my real journey to remission, I have knowledge, hope spirituality and the foundation that I need.

Christine J. – Scottsdale, AZ