Cody D- Glendale, AZ

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The unmanageability of my life brought me to the River Source. I was not living my life at all, all I was doing was numbing myself and making myself feel better about where my life was at. I chose The River Source because my stepdad, who’s in the program recommended. The more I accepted my circumstances the better my experiences became. The structure got me moving and helped me become responsible. The River Source helped me get my life back. I don’t have to hide or loath anymore. I can freely live my life as I have always wanted. I have a deep connection with my God again, that in itself is priceless. I appreciate all of the staff. Everything that they have done to help me be the person I am supposed ot be. My life has changed drastically. I am not trapped anymore. I don’t know what my life will be like tomorrow, but today, my life is good. I would recommend River Source to anybody who wants help. Thank you to all of the staff.