Colby C. – May 2013

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What brought you to The River Source? I could not quit using. Tried over and over made empty promises, wanted to but couldn’t quit. Life was totally out of control was going to die. Why did you choose The River Source? A friend of mine went through here. What was your experience like at The River Source? It was a great experience so grateful to have had the opportunity never thought this was possible. Feel very fortunate that everyone in my life made this possible. How did The River Source help you? They were able to see some things about me that I could not, which is usually the case in addicts, we can see their issues but can rarely see our own. Because of this some things were brought to my attention that I may not have seen otherwise. What is your life like now? I feel far more content. I think I don’t need to seek positive affirmation all the time which I think was one of the core reasons for my use. Would you recommend The River Source? Absolutely I would like to thank the whole staff for the approach they take. I have learned something from everyone here. You guys have a great diversity of personalities on staff from Jerica who is a very sweet and comforting person, she makes people feel safe, to Don who is an unbelievably passionate addict who has been down as bad as anyone can be. People can relate to him. Then he speaks with such passion and conviction. He is truly captivating and people can relate and because of that they listen. I could go on and on but just want you guys to know this place was a god send for me. Don’t know if it was because of my mindset this time but this was by far my best experience in a treatment setting. Thank you all you have saved my life.

-Colby C.