Conrad C. – Burlington, VT

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If you are looking for staff that truly care about your recovery, The River Source is it. Apparently they have figured it out, there are more than enough people who need help to fill their rooms. The 12 step process is unlike any other experience at any other facility. In 30 days you are expected to complete three steps. It is ample time, with help from a mentor and sponsor guiding the way. The atmosphere here is one to live a happy, healthy life in sobriety. The patient’s quickly become a unit, friendship and open dialogues are powerful, positive forces. It’s amazing to watch people come in with reservations about their personal sobriety, most do! They are quickly enveloped by the patients and staff professional, willing approach to work together and take direction. Their lives change before their own eyes. It happened to me!

– Conrad C.
Burlington, VT