Crystal S. – June 2012

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I knew I had a problem with pain medication. I felt lonely and lost with no solution. I found River Source on Google and made the call. One of my first questions was, “why are you cheaper than other facilities?” – then I got the answer I was looking for- “we concentrate on your recovery, not the amenities.” I checked in shortly thereafter. Once I arrived, I was warmly welcomed by staff. The other clients were also very friendly and welcoming. I quickly became involved with the daily activities and meetings and felt at ease knowing that “these” people understood me. The staff – being recovering addicts themselves- gave me an amazing understanding of what addiction is and helped me build a foundation of sobriety for the rest of my life. I am now sober and happy- two things I never thought could co-exist! I owe everything to The River Source staff and definitely would recommend them to anyone suffering as I once was.

– Crystal S.