Damien B. – November 2012

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I am a chronic alcoholic with Stage 4 Liver Disease. I like the onsite clinic. I had previously been to River Source in Casa Grande and had a wonderful experience. Mesa is closer to my family, I had heard a lot of wonderful things about it, and it was a perfect fit. My experience was more than I ever expected. The program is taken very seriously which I appreciate, and the staff, medical team, and counselors all seem genuinely concerned and sincere to the individuals and clients. River Source helped me with lots of things, but for the 1st time in four rehabilitation treatment centers; its center of focus was on the important FIRST STEP, the true cornerstone on which the 12 steps of AA are built. I feel cautiously optimistic about my future in sobriety. River Source has allowed me to get back to the barriers and have again a secure foundation on which to continue my sober journey. River Source Mesa would always be recommended by me to someone serious about a life free from the bondages of drugs and/or alcohol. Tai Chi would benefit the program. Also, a more health conscious diet provided would also be a positive. Thank you to everyone who has helped me here at River Source Mesa, the best of the best, and I look forward to constructing a continuing a connection through visits and the online aftercare.

– Damien B. 11/29/12