Damien C. – Peoria AZ

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What brought me to The River Source, is my life was completely unmanageable and out of control. I couldn’t live that way anymore and was tired of being sick and tired. I was told I had three choices to which facilities to choose from and I ended up getting a great feeling about The Ricer Source. I have never had an experience like this in my life. The River Source has given me a second chance at life. I have never been this connected to my god, my higher power. Yes, I would recommend the river source to anyone. All the meetings and groups were extremely helpful. The BHT’s at The River Source are really great. Along with the cooks and the medical staff. I can’t thank them enough! I love The River Source because it has a great program for someone who is really in a dark place!

Thank you River Source Staff

– Damien C.
Peoria AZ