Daniel A – Mesa, AZ

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The experience I’ve received here at River Source has been nothing short of a miracle. Living my life through self will was a living hell. I was using and drinking for 12 years and where it led me to was being homeless, on the run and all bridges burnt to the ground. I thought I was hopeless and there was no way out of this living hell. I asked the last person I had left for help, for I was in fear of death, and it was given. I was taken to The River Source and I admit I was scared. I kept telling myself this won’t work, I won’t be accepted and I won’t understand any of the suggestions given here. The longer I stayed here the sooner I realized this was not the case. The last 60 days here has been more liberating, encouraging, and helpful then I’ve ever had in the last 12 years of pain and misery. 26 years old and now I can start growing up as I grow with this program living my life one day at a time with God and the suggestions so freely given to me. To the newcomer, I know your scared and that you feel there is no light at the end of your tunnel. I’ve been where your at, felt what you’ve felt, seen and done what you’ve done. And I can tell you with the utmost sincerity that there is a solution, just take that first step. Give yourself a chance to live!