Danielle B- Gilbert, AZ

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What brought me to The River Source was my addiction. It was tearing my family apart and hindering me from getting better.

My parents chose the river source because one of my family members went here and made amazing progress. When I first came here, I went in kicking and screaming. I denied and possible fact that I am an addict. But after I did my first step, I realized I am a raging addict. I would put drugs before friends, family, work and anything else of importance. But now I really never want to cause strife in my family again. This place helped me find myself. I didn’t remember who I really was off of the drugs. The mere thought of finding myself, scared me to death. But I’ve found out that the real Danielle isn’t anything to be scared of. I’ve learned how to love myself, although I am still working on that. I feel more confident and secure in my own body. I am more comfortable with being alone. Thanks River Source for helping me.