Darlene (Becky) F. – April 2013

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I came to The River Source because I was addicted to crystal meth. My family life had crumbled around me. My husband confronted me the night before I came into treatment. I felt no other options for myself than to admit defeat and ask for help. I came to The River Source because my husband and I both realized I needed an inpatient treatment center to start recovery. While at The River Source I learned how to live life on life’s terms. I realized the importance of being honest with others and most importantly myself. While being here I developed the willingness to change. I learned the coping skills I needed to never have to use drugs again. I am now able to utilize the help I received here at The River Source into my life, as a wife and mother. I highly recommend The River Source Treatment Center to anyone suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.


– Darlene (Becky) F.