Deanna C-Bullhead City, AZ

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When I reached the front doors of The River Source I was completely broken in every area of my life, mind body and soul. God knew what he was doing with me before I did. I was in the fatal progression of my alcoholism and nothing could keep sober. I mean absolutely nothing. I had lost the power of choice.

River Source staff assured me everything was going to be ok. I was educated about my brain disease. When I became willing and honest and open the truth within myself I would if I drank again. When I learned I had had a complete brain flood out. My mind was not working the brain had been damaged through years of drinking. I had an “aha moment”.

My counselor educated me about belief systems and that, that was broken too. My counselor was able to teach me positive affirmations about myself, because I felt very unworthy. Like I was just a piece of garbage. NOT TRUE. I began to realize by staff who are almost all in recovery themselves, just maybe this is going to work. Groups, Lectures, medical staff and my peers. But the most powerful thing was step 1 in group. I finally accepted and knew without any reservation I was powerless over alcohol and my life was unmanageable. I wanted more treatment not alcohol. Another “aha moment”.

If you want help or you get the nudge from the judge. Be open to the process and you will find a power greater than yourself. Creating my own god was another “aha moment”. I can’t, he can, and I think ill let him. By working the steps I realize there would have never been enough of any drug or alcohol to fill the big black hole I had inside me. I am excited to live my new life in recovery one day at a time and continue on and expand my spiritual path. Only a god of my own understanding can keep me sober. The staff at The River Source are awesone and this program will save your life.