Demetria W. – July 2012

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Before coming to The River Source I had never been to a treatment facility. I knew my life had become unmanageable and I had finally hit my rock bottom. I chose The River Source because I knew that there was a life other than drugs and alcohol. My experience at The River Source has definitely changed my outlook on life. Before coming into treatment I no longer had the desire to live. From the staff and clients I was blessed and so fortunate to learn a whole new way of living life. Through my entire recovery I never felt alone and the support system at The River Source was unbelievable. While at The River Source I was able to overcome so many obstacles that I wouldn’t have been able to handle if it wasn’t for The River Source.

Today, I wake up with a whole new outlook on life, and each day seems to get better than the day before. I know that in order to maintain my recovery I must take everything I have learned at The River Source and apply them in my daily life. I know that with prayer, God, meetings, the 12 steps, my sponsor, and the AA support system I have a fighting chance at my recovery. I am so blessed and grateful that I was given the gift of recovery and The River Source. I would definitely recommend The River Source for anyone who has the desire to get clean. Staying at The River Source for 60 days has definitely given me a second chance at life and for that I can say I couldn’t be more thankful to everyone at The River Source.


Demetria W.