Derek U. – September 2013

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What brought me to The River Source was my alcoholism. My wife did internet search and I had a desire to quit drinking for my own health and for my family. I chose The River Source because when I toured the facility I fit looked like the best fit for me. I was afraid at first, but everyone was very welcoming and very insightful. I didn’t have any direction. River Source gave me that as well as guidance, reassurance, and goals to live by.

I truly believe in this system of finding a higher power and it being the only true way to rid myself of this disease. My life now is much more positive, healthier, and it brought me out of my shell that I had been hiding in. I am happier that there seems to be a way to defeat this disease. I would recommend The River Source to anybody struggling with an addiction. I feel that The River Source may have just saved my life now I just need to live by their means and ways and see this through.

Derek U. – Tucson, AZ.