Desiree C. – July 2013

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I first came into The River Source ashamed and broken. My mom showed up at my apartment to help me because she knew I was in trouble and going down fast. I had looked up a couple places online. I thought that the River Source sounded good because I was so scared to withdraw. I called my mom and she and my dad had already chose=n the river source.

My experience at the river source was definitely a growing experience. I came in here so close minded and delusional. The people here, God and the staff really opened my eyes. I thank God every day for the river source for saving my life. My life is amazing now. Once I gave my will over to God I now have this inner peace. I was drowning in my addiction. I thought that there was no way out. Now I wake up every morning and Heroin and Meth are not on my mind.

I would 100% recommend The River Source. The people here really understand me and have been a great inspiration. I just want to thank everyone. I couldn’t have done this on my own, I tried. God definitely sent me here for a reason. I am now grateful to be a grateful to be heroin and meth addict-recovering, because I was dead inside and out and now I can really appreciate my life and how badly I want to stay sober.

– Desiree C