Detroit, MI

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I have been fighting this disease since I was 13, I’m now 31. With numerous and several bouts in recovery and inpatient treatment. The River Source has been by far the most helpful and beneficial. The insight I’ve gained about my addiction and disease helped me come to so many realizations, not only about recovery but about myself as a person as well. I found peace and serenity through this process here, acceptance with my addiction, along with hope. Most importantly I gained self-awareness, self-worth, gradually finding a spiritual awakening, a sincere love and compassion for myself one in my life. Which has opened a door to find love and compassion with everyone around me. I’m extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to work will all the BHPP’s and staff one and one, along with therapy. Thank you all, staff, medical, BHT’s and therapist for loving me and guiding mw until I could learn to love myself.

-Detroit, MI