Donald M. – Scottsdale, AZ

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I got to River Source through an A.A. friend who sent her son here several months ago. She felt it was a good “fit” for me, and she was right. I looked at Banner, Calvary and Sundance. I considered Banner because BCBS would have covered it but selected River Source because of a phone conversation with Phil, the nutritional support and holistic approach. The first few days were a fog, the next week I came to understand my delusions and lack of surrender. By week three I felt a change and got more involved. I wish I could afford another 30 days. R.S. got me very focused on re-examine Step 1- my delusions, my acceptance, my surrender. The helped me improve my “toolkit”, my ability to pause, to look for my part and to talk about it, pray about it and help someone else. ER really helped me prep for Step 11. My sponsor feels this has been my best move in my path to Recovery. I am ready to transition back to Banner IOP, my NSFC meetings, support group and service commitments. I am going to add yoga and acupuncture to my Recovery program thanks to R.S. Plus couples counseling. I remain somewhat apprehensive about returning home but I have asked my partner to go to couples therapy, CODA or Alanon and will set some boundaries to protect my Recovery. I am blessed with a wonderful sponsor and powerful AA support network. Thank you Jeff for picking me up; Don and Marcus for always being ready to listen, Sharmyn and Kristy for great insight and advice and Rusty for helping me get honest. I have a great respect for R.S. and leave here with sadness and hope.