Dylan F. – September 2013

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I had come across River Source through another rehab. I am addicted to a variety of drugs and my insurance would not cover my stay at Calvary. It was a battle to get me in here but they pulled through. My stay here started off a little shaky but with the support of the staff and my peers everyday got a little better and as time went on I had a lot of fun. While I was here I learned a lot about myself and my addiction and how I can better myself with the help of my higher power and the 12 steps. My life is a lot better now. I can honestly say I am happy now, but I know that me y work is far from over. To me River Source saved my life. I do not know where I would be now without them. I would highly recommend River Source to any addict who wants the help to get sober.

Thank you River Source e staff for helping me find the will to get my life back.

– Dylan F.