Eddie H. – Phoenix, AZ

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What brought me to treatment was I was tired of being tired of doing anything. Tired of the lifestyle I was living. Also, to keep me plugged in to the program. My experience was great. I had ups and downs but through the fellowship and staff, I learned how to work through them. I learned how to accept myself. I feel great, I enjoy sobriety and love being happy.

I would recommend this program to someone. Reason being, the staff are great to hold everyone accountable. I have never had a tough experience like this before. It showed me there is hope and the staff care and have been though what I had and could relate. I would like to say thank you River Source for showing me that life is better with sobriety and that there is hope for someone like myself. This program is great, it showed a lost person like myself that I still have hope, showed me I can be a better person to society and being a father. Thanks!

-Eddie H., Phoenix, AZ