Elliot F. – May 2012

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I checked myself into River Source because of my heroin use I was tired of living that life and there was nothing I could do to change it. I chose River Source because the holistic approach appealed to me yoga vitamin bags that sort of thing. My experience at River Source was awesome the staff was very caring and welcoming I couldn’t of had a better experience. The River Source helped me by introducing me to the twelve step program. They also gave me the tools and the coping skills to be able to live life in sobriety, working with a counselor, life coach, and my sponsor also taught me how to deal with my problems and emotions while sober and not having to use drugs and alcohol as a solution. My life now is full of hope and willingness to do the right thing. I can honestly say my state of mind and thinking has completely changed I love my life and I truly want to live it now. I would absolutely recommend The River Source and I will when I come across someone who needs it and is willing to do it. I would just like to thank all the staff for all the love and support they provided it was more than I could ask for and exactly what I needed there is no amount of gratitude I can express for what you guys have given me, my life back.

Elliot F.