Emily A. – July 2013

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Hello, my name is Emily A and I am an alcoholic/addict. This was my second time at The River Source. I attended the Casa Grande facility for 30 days in February 2012, but even after the fantastic experience, I failed to enlarge my spiritual life and contact with my higher power. I made it to 9 months sober and suffered a tragic relapse experience. I used with my best friend and unfortunately he did not make it out alive. My life spiraled downwards rapidly after my friends death and I quickly found myself high, broke, and facing an eviction. I now know what “pitiful and incomprehensible demoralization” means. Coming up on 9 years of living actively addicted lifestyles, I found myself facing either life or getting help. I made the snap decision to call The Rive Source again because it was the safest place I could think of at the time. I thank God every day since making that choice. My life has never been better. River Source takes a unique and thorough approach on the steps and that is something that I am extremely grateful for. The staff and my sponsor helped me take an honest look at my life and introduced me to the tools I need to keep me on the road to a bright and sober future. I also found the God of my own understanding, finally. I would absolutely recommend The River Source. It saved my life, twice.

– Emily A