Emily P. – June 2013

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Alcohol and the abuse of other drugs brought me to The River Source. I chose The River Source because of the holistic approach. My experience at The River Source was a transformation of my life and how I see my addiction and self. The River Source helped me in a lot of different ways, the staff is really helpful and honest, my life coach helped me find my morals and values, The River Source helped me through my steps and other clients helped support me and grew with me, my therapist was especially helpful to my recovery, he helped me change my outlook on my life. When I came into The River Source I was broken in so many ways, I was angry, and depressed at the hole I dug for myself I just couldn’t seem to get out of, when I first got here I thought it was going to be impossible for me to change and be happy, soon enough my life started to turn around once I let people help me and my life is absolutely amazing now. I have never been this happy, I’m free from the demons that I once let own me. Absolutely I would recommend The River Source; they helped me see how beautiful my life can be without the everyday struggle of the getting and using. I am truly blessed to have had this program in my life.


Emily P