Emily P- Thousand Oaks, CA

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My life was out of control. I was living every minute of every day in misery. Every aspect of my life from family to hobbies was affected immensely. I couldn’t live life like that anymore.

My family and I looked up The River Source and I was getting of the plane here in Arizona the next day. I chose The River Source because it had all of the necessary elements I needed for rehabilitation plus it had a Holistic approach. When I first came to The River Source I had no belief in any spiritual being. I was closed off emotionally, and wasn’t sure what I wanted for myself in life. Through other people here, attending groups, and participating as much as I could: the switch flipped for me. Believing in a power greater than myself seemed doable. I could think about a power greater than myself without cringing.

My life now is still not anywhere close to perfect, but it is a thousand times better than when I was using Heroin. It really is one day at a time, and it’s all about progress not perfection. If you need help, and want to stop living life as a prisoner, The River Source is an amazing place to start. You have to want to be done living as a prisoner. No family or friends can make us get clean and live happily. There is a way out; you just have to want it bad enough.