Erin M. – September 2012

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I came to The River Source because I had been battling the disease of addiction for 12 years. I was a broken mess. My life was totally unmanageable. My mom found The River Source online some years back but I refused to come. When I got here, I was accepted and loved from the very start, by staff and peers alike. I quickly got into the program as it’s designed and the changes have been profound. This place saved my life. I have been to many treatment facilities in my addiction, and this place is like no other. The staff here has worked with me, held me accountable and helped me direct my thoughts and actions to where they needed to get to. Today my life is just the beginning. I have a conscious contact with God and am working my steps with diligence. The River Source is the reason. I would recommend this facility to anyone who has a desire to not use or drink again. I cannot thank this place enough. It is a miracle. I am a miracle today and I owe that to this facility.

All my love and thanks.

Erin M