Family of Eric H. Lockport, NY

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After searching many websites trying to find a treatment center for my son Eric, your site was one of the treatment programs I was drawn to because of the promise of a Holistic Approach. I believed that if your program actually provided everything that it offered, my son’s chance of recovery was much higher than what was offered in other programs.

There were some other Holistic Programs that I looked at but the cost of your program seemed fair and the location was ideal. Eric has always loved the West and talked many times of moving out there. The distance was a positive factor in helping him get away from this environment.

Both my husband and I spoke by phone with Eric’s primary counselor and group counselor throughout his treatment at River Source. They kept us up to date on his progress and we were encouraged to call if we had any concerns or just wanted to discuss Eric’s progress. Eric was also in contact with us my phone. As he progressed in treatment, there was a notable change in his perspective, his understanding of his addiction, his acceptance of a higher power, an increase in his self- esteem, and his hope for his recovery.

Eric spent 60 days in the program and he returned home with a renewed hope, and a desire to repair the damage he created for himself and for others while he was in his addiction. He is taking the steps to clean up his life here with the intention of moving to Arizona. I would recommend the River Source to anyone struggling with his or her own addiction or anyone who has a loved one struggling with addiction. River Source did what it promised. My son Eric left here feeling hopeless in many ways and returned here after spending 60 days at River Source, clear eyed and sober. He is following a recovery plan and he is making plans for a life he had given up on before he entered the program.

Thank you River Source for your commitment and integrity in providing a program that supported our son to find his way back from the “hell” he created in his addiction. We are extremely grateful to have our son back. We are extremely grateful to all the staff members who have helped him find himself again. It is a miracle.