Family of Marcelo A. Santa Fe, NM

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It has been 6 weeks since my son Marcelo A returned from The River Source and he is still working his program. I want to express my gratitude to you for having taken my – at the time- hopeless, depressed, addicted, self-loathing son into your facility to give him an opportunity to do the work to get his life back!!!

He did do the work starting with your program for five weeks leaving to attend the funeral of yet another addicted friend and returning to you to finish what he started the first time. Your knowledgeable staff allowed Marcelo to follow has own unique path to sobriety by recognizing his sincerity and willingness to persevere during the very hard times.

This is what makes River Source unique and successful with addicts. Other facilities, in their rigidness lose clients that might otherwise recover if given chances. My son had NO RESOURCES, other than a health insurance policy, to be able to pay for his recovery. You gave him that opportunity and were successful in helping save a life!!! Today my son experiences true joy. Today is his 25th birthday!! Thank you River Source.