Fernando G. – Brooklyn, NY

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I was in relapse after almost three years of sobriety digging my own grave when I decided I needed to address my disease. I got on my laptop and looked up Phoenix rehabs and River Source was number one on the page (meaning they got the most hits). So I took a chance and called and reserved a bed for the next day. After a long night of drinking I showed up drunk and angry, a less than graceful entrance. Yet the staff remained calm and accommodating . First impression was positive. Atmosphere was calming, the rooms tidy and clean and staff was very nice. When I was able to eat the food and kitchen staff were top notch, again all smiles. After two days of letting me medically calm my shakes I was gently prompted to start participating in group meetings and activities such as yoga and meditation which to my surprise really helped. The other residents seemed happy and well adjusted. They were very helpful showing me around and getting me to meetings on time. As the fog lifted and I obtained a sponsor, life coach and counselor the step work began. As my exit date grows near I feel wonderful and am well on my way to regaining my sobriety. I would recommend River Source to anyone looking for sobriety in a peaceful environment.