Fransico – March 2010

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I came to the River Source after a chain of events that led me to believe that my life was unmanageable. For the past 9 years I have been abusing drugs and alcohol that would have ended me up dead or in prison. I feel that God led me to this place. Also, after looking at the webpage and seeing that it was a 12-step based Holistic, a spiritual approach and that I could do Brainwave therapy here were the main reasons I chose River Source. River Source has changed my life, it showed me the tools that I need to live a healthy life. I now have a better understanding of myself, my feelings and my disease. Today I am happy to wake up in the mornings and look forward to what life has to offer me. River Source has helped me connect to my Higher Power which has been life changing. I would definitely recommend the River Source to anyone that is seeking help or an inpatient treatment center. I would just like to say that this place is Heaven sent, God is definitely working through River Source and Sharmyn and Rusty. Miracles do happen every day and now I can see that. Thank God