Gabriel F – Scottsdale, AZ

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I came to River Source for help to overcome my opiate addiction. My sponsor (2 years) recommended River Source. He is friends with Sharmyn who said that this was a great place. I have succeeded in having a “new” experience at this establishment. From the very first day the education and guidance received has been first class. The approach is unique vs. other facilities I have been in. The focus on Step Work and sponsorship is paramount to establishing a proper foundation. The staff is amazing! Everyone on your staff is in recovery and truly believes in what they do. Today I believe that I have a chance to get this thing. My aftercare plan and support network is outstanding. I will continue to visit for meetings and look forward to the opportunity to use this facility as a place to find sponcees after 6 months. I would recommend River Source to anyone who is ready to change their life for the better. Of the numerous treatment centers with which I have been involved, River Source would be at the top of my list in every category! Thank You!