Garrett D. – February 2013

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After the last time I was arrested and jailed I knew that I could not keep living that way. I choose The River Source through my parent’s suggestion. I told them I needed to go to rehab, and they consulted with a counselor I had previously saw, and told them this would be most suiting for me and my recovery. It was a life changing and saving experience to me while attending The River Source. However, I did notice unfair favoritism with certain clients that aroused bitterness, resentment, and jealousy. I have since then accepted these behaviors, as I had to focus on my own recovery. The River Source has helped me in numerous ways in my life. They helped me to connect to God, and showed me many ways that God was working through others. I now understand how to live my life with God at the steering wheel and was able to complete all twelve steps. My life is now clearer, with fewer calamities, and have found myself with a new found hope. I am also able to see my flaws or rather character defects and willing to work on them to improve myself, spiritually as well. I would absolutely recommend The River Source as the positives greatly outweigh the negatives, even though the negatives taught me an abundance of acceptance, which turned into serenity. Thank you for showing God to me, to be able to save my life!

Garrett D. 2/19/13