Garrett R. – April 2013

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I came to the River Source because I was tired of the life I was leading. Tired of doing the things I was doing, and making decisions I was making that I knew I wouldn’t with a sober head. I chose the River Source because my mom found it and when I came and took a tour, it just grabbed me. Everyone, the staff and clients were so friendly and I could tell they honestly cared for people and wanted to help. It felt really homey. My experience at the River Source was beyond what words can describe. This place is amazing it honestly saved my life. I learned a lot of truths about myself here & I will never forget it. The River Source helped me by giving me the tools to learn how to live life on life’s terms without a mind altering substance. They taught me to let go of a lot of hatred and anger I was holding on to by looking inside myself and seeing where I was wrong in a lot of situation and what my part was. My life is looking up now. I’m excited to begin this new life I’ve been granted and to walk hand in hand with God along the way. I would absolutely recommend the River Source to others. I’ve seen this place change a lot of people’s lives in such an amazing way, including my own. It was truly a miracle that brought me to this place and I will be forever grateful for every single person here, the staff is second to none. They are truly lifesavers and have an immense passion for recovery and helping others. I would like to say once more, thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything.

– Garrett R.