Glen R. – Boston, MA

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I came to River Source at the lowest point in my life with a blood alcohol level of .30. I was given a bed and the medical attention needed to begin to eliminate the drugs and alcohol from my body. A ten day detox prepared me physically to step in to the Intensive Outpatient Program and from there I was propelled to new heights of wellness through group therapy, addiction education and personal accountability. I am 68 days sober today and every day a new part of my brain comes back online. My anxiety and depression are extinct. The black hole where my heart once was is now a warm, loving and sustaining light that is the source of all of my health. River Source brought back my humanity, a gift that is lost in addiction, but not lost forever. I would and will recommend this program to anyone I feel is in need of finding themselves again. Thank you so much, to all of you.

-Glen R., Boston, MA