Glenn W. – Jan 2012

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After researching and visiting a number of facilities something kept drawing me to The River Source. I was looking for a place that had a 12-step holistic approach to treatment, but also matched my beliefs philosophically. I especially liked the daily yoga classes, 12 step meetings, nutritional program including IV vitamins and holistic clinic services, and access to a gym.

My experience at The River Source during my 60 day stay was great. It quickly became apparent that I had made the right choice in selecting The River Source. I initially committed to staying 30 days but the time went so quickly and the healing that I was experiencing made staying another 30 days an easy decision. The care is of extremely high quality, the staff makes their very difficult jobs look easy, and their enthusiasm for the program is quite contagious. The creature comforts are also quite good: comfortable outdoor relaxation areas and the facility is kept very clean. To me, one of the most valuable characteristics of The River Source is their structured program and strict enforcement of the rules. During my stay I learned that these traits, along with the program quality, are what makes The River Source one of the most effective treatment centers in the Southwest. I would highly recommend The River Source to anyone that is serious about conquering their addiction.

Glenn W

January 2012