Greg B- Tucson, AZ

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I was at a life and death situation in my life. I was an alcoholic that had hit the end and needed professional help to his life. I found The River Source on the internet and its location to Tucson fit what I thought I needed in an inpatient treatment facility. River Source taught me that recovery would be a spiritual based sobriety using the 12 step model. I had to look internally at myself to fix the character defects that caused me to drink and put my addiction above all else. The groups and staff along with the medical treatment gave me a foundation for sobriety. The counselors and life coaches provided tools to apply to my personal recovery. River Source has changed my life. I do not think I could have ever gotten sober without treatment. The Big Book and 12 steps now have meaning.

My life now has faith and hope, with a way of monitoring progress and areas needing work. I would recommend The River Source treatment for any addict or alcoholic willing to get or try to get sober.

Thank you staff and clients of The River Source for giving me my life back and for showing me a program to live a better life an d have a positive effect on those around me.