Greg P. – May 2011

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My name is Greg. I’ve been a client at The River Source for 87 days. My experiences here at the “Club” have been wholly positive.

I have personally seen Jenny and Brenda make quick and decisive moves to enhance the health, welfare and safety of the clients. They have been entirely scrupulous in keeping the “Club” clean, safe, quiet, healthy, bug free, drug free and alcohol free.

Additionally, I have experienced their concern for the clients. It is patently evident that sobriety is far more important to them than money.

The clients are outstanding. We help each other to get and stay sober. There is trust among the staff and clients. In my nearly ninety days here, I have not seen any staff physically, spiritually or emotionally abuse any client.

Because “Club Source” has been a particularly healthy place physically, spiritually and emotionally, I have been happy, joyous and free almost every day here. Except for the days I was detoxing.

The Doctors, LaCoss, Berkner, Arneson and Arnold and the nurses Marci, Katie and Liz have been God sends. I came here because I was addicted to Fentanyl, Oxycodone, Soma and Tramadol due to severe back pain. These doctors were great at helping me detox. Next, they provided me with alternatives to the pain meds. Prolotherapy, one of the best alternatives, works better than the aforementioned opiates.

Everyone has a great sense of humor. I cannot say enough about the chefs, the vitamin bags and the chauffer to meetings among other things.

As a result of my positive experience here and listening to the clients favorable compare this treatment facility, I enthusiastically and wholeheartedly endorse and recommend The River Source as a treatment facility.

-Greg P.