Gypsy O. – February 2013

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My journey to The River Source includes 20 years of substance abuse, three trips to treatment centers, countless attempts to get sober on my own, and a near return to using heroin after 11 years of abstinence. Several months ago my naturopathic doctor asked me if I had considered tying rehab again. I asked her if she had any recommendations and the seed was planted in my mind. She told me of The River Source and one other rehab. My mother, my therapist, and I all agreed this was where I should go despite my hesitation regarding the AA approach. My therapist assured me that a 12-step program might be what I needed and that it would be fine. My experience here has been both eye opening and rewarding. It really has been incredible. The River Source has helped me in so any ways, but what stands out to me most is that I now feel that I have an understanding of this disease that I have never had before. While “self-knowledge avails us nothing,” I now have a path laid out in front of me that I believe has been proven over and over as a new solution to my problems. My life at the moment is full of hope, new direction, and new friends. I would absolutely recommend The River Source to any fellow addict or alcoholic. I think the program and staff here are stellar. The only thing that I would add is that I am very, very grateful to have had the opportunity to spend a couple of months at The River Source.

Gypsy O. 2/25/13