Heather G – August 2009

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Ease, grace and joy are not ordinarily associated with the drug detox and treatment process, but The River Source is no ordinary treatment center. As the centers in-house naturopathic doctor, Dr. Liz Kim, says “mountains move here everyday.”

At The River Source, “holistic” is more than just a buzz word, the staff treat every client as a whole human being with body, mind, heart, and spirit given equal attention. My journey to recovery and sobriety was greatly facilitated and enhanced by the staff’s respect for my individual needs and desire for personal integrity even when I had some difficulty or resistance to the tremendous changes my body, my emotions, my overactive often (stubborn mind) were going through.

Heartfelt thanks to each and every one of The River Source team members who made my recovery and sobriety possible in an all too short 30 days.


Heather G.