Helen S. – July 2013

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My addictions brought me to The River Source. I had relapsed and in a very short period of time I had become very depressed. I no longer wanted to live. I would pray that God would just take me. The feelings of hopelessness and despair were paralyzing. In addition to my addictions I had health issues.

I chose The River Source because of their alternative program supporting healthy living through natural remedies, yoga, exercise, and life coaches.

My experience at River Source has been very positive. I am completely off all mood altering medications, and using naturalist life style changes. It has been a true blessing. Not only has River Source provided supports for spiritual, mental and physical self the staff is wonderful. It has been like one big family. I am leaving River Source with a greater understanding of myself, my addiction, and my health. I have absolute value in the 12 step programs, others, and my higher power. Thank all of you at River Source. You saved my life.

– Helen S