Howie B – March 2012

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I have been staring at this blank page for a couple of days now because I don’t know what to say; or rather, HOW to say it. I am so very grateful to The River Source that I have had a hard time putting it into words. The entire staff, the clients and the recovering community at the Casa Grande location brought me back from the brink of total self-destruction.

I had relapsed after a significant period of sobriety, and I was very rapidly headed downhill. I saw my life and all that I had slipping through my fingers … and the phenomenon of craving had a stronghold on me. My ego seemed hell-bent on killing me, but I somehow managed to reach out for help, called the River Source and spoke to Brenda Emerick. I was offered a lifeline and given a second chance.

The 12-step Holistic approach at the River Source is what grabbed my attention. I had enjoyed 19 years of living through the 12 steps before taking my will back. I knew that I had to work on mind, body and spirit in order to recover from the terminal disease of addiction. The River Source promised and delivered on their services to give me my life back.

The Clinic at the River Source is highly trained in dealing with the disease of addiction and is manned 24 hours by extremely professional and compassionate individuals that truly cared about my recovery and wellbeing. I was given Nutritional IV’s, acupuncture, massage, amino acids and unparalleled care and kindness. The cafeteria provided delicious and nutritious meals (complete with garnish and a touch of class!) by a staff of friendly chefs. I was given the chance to work out at an offsite gym, participate in Yoga and meditation and enjoy hiking and outdoor activities. The counseling and life coaching offered to me was life changing by delving into issues that I had never before confronted. The BHTs that man to facility are all very compassionate about their role and their desire to help the clientele recover. And finally the many opportunities to attend 12-step meetings brought me back to my old sober self and should not be missed.

I am grateful beyond words to the staff at the Casa Grande location and will sing the praises of the River Source to anyone in need of help or guidance from the terrible disease of addiction.

Howie B