Ibrahm A. July 2012

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In fact, I didn’t know much about The River Source until my daughter found about it from friends and on the Internet. The first thing that attracted me to this treatment program was the location is not far away from where I live. My experience while in The River Source was great and with-in my expectation. The counselors and staff were wonderful they taught me how to use my time efficiently while gaining my confidence and they helped me get my life back. I feel like I have a new birthday with my new sobriety and I’m not wasting time and doing anything wrong with my actions anymore. I will recommend The River Source to any friend, and others that need help. Also I will encourage them to attend The River Source program if they would would like to get their life back. I would like to say thank you to my counselor, Life coach, program manager, and all the staff. They made it easy for me to stay and help myself in recovery.

Ibrahm A