Jake P.

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I was a patient at your Mesquite Grove location from May 18th to June 17th… And I just want to say the staff at your facility is absolutely amazing. . Will is your greatest asset, the way he approaches recovery is inspiring. He did my step 1 and without him and the way he opened my eyes in that exercise I wouldn’t still be sober today.. Also, Stephen Leza, if it wasn’t for him checking in with me every morning and asking if I had done my meditation and prayers.. There’s no way I would have been spiritually fit enough to continue those things on my own.. Now, because of those two and the rest of the staff every day I build more concrete proof that it works… Also, I need to give a special thank you to Gary for seriously always having a smile and giving me a lot of deep, and amazing advice during our talks, Lorena for always joking and brightening my day, and the help she gave me during detox when I first got there.. Plus, the medical staff I honestly just can’t thank you all enough!!! Thank you!! And shout out to Bravo,Yolo, Dez,Alisha, Danny, and Noe?(hope that’s right)