James B. – July 2013

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I came to The River Source because I was completely broken. I was about to lose my wife and kids for good. River Source was recommended by a family friend and off I went. Detox was comfortable and I felt safe at the facility. River source was a blessing in my life. The staff, life coaches, Dr’s, nurses, chefs, masseuse’s, directors, administration, yoga instructors and anyone that I may have missed, truly cared about me and put my needs over their wants. I never thought that I could be happy and content in sobriety. But The River Source has made that a reality for me. I learned that I can’t start over and make a new beginning, but that I can start form now and make a new end. The tools I have learned at the River Source and the 12 steps program I will incorporate in the rest of my life. I have learned more about myself in my short stay at The River Source than I have in my entire life. My obsessions of alcohol and drugs are basically gone. The most important things that I have learned at The River Source are acceptance and spirituality. I would recommend River Source to anyone who wants to get sober.

– James B