James M. – May 2012

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I had the inability to manage my life and my disease on my own. I believe that through God’s will The River Source chose me and it has been nothing but a blessing. The River Source and the AA Program as a whole has been the most wonderful thing that has happened to my family and I. I am truly grateful and will continue to praise and pass the message of this center and the 12 step program to all who are suffering from this lifelong disease. The River Source helped me to regain spirituality, acceptance, honesty, and hope as well as the tools I need to fight this horrific disease and in turn through God’s will and my willingness I am able to be the father, son, brother, and recovered addict that God has always intended me to be. My life is absolutely wonderful. I will recommend The River Source to anyone who suffers from this disease and is willing to give 100% complete surrender and willingness to this program, because without it, it doesn’t matter where you are the problems will always be there. I would like to thank The River Source from top to bottom. Without it I would have never discovered my true passion which is helping others and spreading the word of fighting this horrible disease of addiction.


James M.