James S. Father of Donald S. Chandler, AZ

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Please let me introduce myself- my name is James S.- father of Donald S. who was in your facility as a patient for 30 days and continues in the Intensive Outpatient Program. I found The River Source website while doing a search on the internet for detox and rehabilitation centers. I was impressed with the information I obtained from, the site-including the name of our family doctor. Shortly thereafter I made an appointment to visit the facility and had about a half hour conversation with the executive director who shared his own life experience in dealing with addiction. This was followed by a tour of the facility and an explanation of the recovery and the rehabilitation process being used. The Homeopathic and the Holistic process and the mission statement of treatment MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT was exactly what we were looking for in the treatment of our son. I met a number of the staff and was impressed with the home like accommodations and the friendly atmosphere.

Donald was accepted and entered treatment on February 23, 2014. During this thirty day stay we received up-dates every second day form his care givers. He was fully participating in the program, meeting new friends and making the most of the rehabilitation process. He received his phone privileges after 7 days and shared with is mother and I his deep appreciation for finding a treatment facility that finally understood and met his needs. As the weeks progressed we definitely saw a change in his attitude, a desire to make amends to all who had been affected by his addiction, and a commitment to maintain his sobriety through his higher power.

Donald completed his impatient program and graduated on March 25, 2014. The graduation was attended by his mother, his lady friend- Susan and me, his sponsor, Counselor, other staff members and all of the other patients. Each one gave a testimonial regarding their experience with Donald as they were going though rehabilitation process. Their comments brought tears to my eyes. They spoke of his attentiveness and note taking during class, his ability to listen to their stories with an open mind, and offering suggestions and encouragement when appropriate, his ability to remember their names, and showing a genuine interest in each person he met. Donald upon graduation immediately started the Intensive Outpatient Program- attending eight meeting each week and looks forward to the time when he can become a sponsor and perhaps eventually a counselor.

We are very pleased with his progress and would recommend River Source to anyone in need of its services.