Jamie S. – Anchorage, AK

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I came to the river source to hopefully gain the tools and education to get my life back. What I got was so much more! I have learned an entirely new way to live. A way without drugs and alcohol. A way that includes a program of recovery. A way that has taught me how to be healthier – mentally and physically. The Intensive Outpatient Program was educational to a level that I would recommend to anyone who is struggling with the disease of addiction. It has taught me to love myself and to be proud of where I came from. It taught me how to have a full and happy life. It is amazing that a simple Intensive Outpatient Program motivated me to make such drastic, yet necessary, changes to my life. The staff here have been supportive of me throughout my journey. This journey was indeed a blessing. Thank you River Source.

-Jamie S.
Anchorage, AK